Music is one of my biggest motivations. Whenever I find myself in a foul, lethargic or unproductive mood, I turn on music!

For me, it has to be something soulful or acoustic… plus, what girl doesn’t feel energetic after listening to Michael Bublé’s silky, seductive voice?

In most cases, it only takes 30 seconds for my depressed state to shift into an energized frequency. Studies have shown that the power of musical vibrations affects even a fetus in the womb.

So take the time to create a playlist of artists that you can use to help change your state.

Create a playlist that calms you after a long day at work.

Create an upbeat playlist to turn up loud in the morning when you wake up, to help get you pumped for the day ahead!

Here are a few of my artist recommendations: Michael Bublé, John Mayer, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jamie Cullum, Maroon 5. Or anything trending on Spotify!

Tip: There is something euphoric about cooking dinner and listening to the right playlist all at the same time. This is a great way to get your senses interacting with each other. Let the sounds of the music clear your mind and the scents of the food stimulate you all in one go!

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