No matter what you do in life if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? 😨😨😨

Sounds easy enough, right?

But can you with 100% conviction that you love yourself? πŸ’–

When you stand naked in front of the mirror do you love yourself? πŸ’š

… And I don’t mean loving yourself in a vain way, but unconditionally!

Loving yourself despite all your “wrong” doings… despite all your flaws. 😣😣😣

“Everything you’ve ever done (or not done) is worthy of love, and despite the severity of your actions or inactions, you have played a perfect role in divine equilibrium. “

Here are my Top 3 Tips to help you get back on the path of self-love!


Noone criticizes you more than yourself.

Perhaps you’re hard on yourself about your body weight… Maybe you said the wrong thing in a social setting… No matter what it is, there is no reason to criticize yourself harshly.

You are who you are and you have the power to approve of yourself no matter what.


Let go of the self-hatred and shame you might be holding to your past. Move forward with the understanding that you are continually changing and growing for the better!

Everything that you have ever done has helped shape the person you are today. The person reading this post. The person with infinite potential to create the life you desire.


(This one I stole from John Demartini – A simple, yet powerful principle). It’s nobody else’s job but your own to put yourself first! So with that being the case if the situation ever arises to piss yourself off or piss those around you off – you piss those are you off! You come first!

I will always choose not pissing myself off!

Love yourself for the good and the bad. The pain and the pleasure.

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