Time to get real with yourself about Goal Setting. 

What have you started and not finished?
What are you procrastinating on?
What have you completely forget about?

It’s important to run through some self- analysis at the end of each month before you make new goals and run into the same issues.

By asking yourself what you did and did not achieve you ‘pick out the weeds’… When looking at goals that you forgot about or procrastinated on, it might be time to ask yourself are these truly inspiring goals to me? OR have I injected the goals and expectations of others onto myself?

How about goals that you are still working on? Did you overestimate your monthly deadline? Were you a little prideful when you made this timeframe? Expected too much of yourself?

Use this feedback, to be honest with yourself and plan to set more realistic and achievable timeframes.

The worst feeling is writing down the same goals month after month with an overhanging expectation on yourself to achieve them in a timeframe that isn’t doable for you.

… SO be real with yourself and set authentic goals with realistic timeframes.

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