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Love Yourself

No matter what you do in life if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you? 😨😨😨 Sounds easy enough, right? But can you with 100% conviction that you love yourself? πŸ’– When you stand naked in front of the mirror do you love yourself? πŸ’š … And I don’t mean […]

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Tip of the Day – Listen to Music

Music is one of my biggest motivations. Whenever I find myself in a foul, lethargic or unproductive mood, I turn on music!

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Tip of the Day – Clarity

Clearer the vision, the greater the creative genius.

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Stressed or Foggy?

One of my biggest faults is getting caught up and stuck in my head...anyone else do the same?

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When you judge others as being either better or worse than yourself, you block your own self-love.

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